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Why I am a Champion for this Cause

I live at White Hawk and value the diversity aspect of our mission.  To achieve diversity, one also needs to set sights on affordability.  I have seen a number of Ecovillages and CoHousing communities where the homes are out of reach for anyone but upper middle class residents, and where as a result real diversity is hard to achieve.

White Hawk has done better.  Many of our homes have sold near the median home cost for our area.  Because of our homesteading focus, many families are raising a significant amount of food on-site, which helps keep costs down (as well as providing resiliency, fostering eco-diversity, and giving neighbors interesting activities to share in).  And we were very pleased to be recognized by the Tompkins County Housing Fund with a grant that brings the home prices down further for up to three qualified families.

Unfortunately, we did not know at the time that the culvert that allows Buttermilk Creek to run underneath our access road was undersized.  When it was evaluated, it was determined that it would have to be upgraded in order for us to qualify for the grant money.  This is what the “bridge to affordability” campaign intends to achieve.


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